Long-term car rentals usually last from 2 to 5 years and are an ideal alternative for leasing. They are particularly advantageous for business clients in terms of bookkeeping, since the monthly rent can be treated as a tax deductible expense. The expenses for the rent are not “costs of car usage”, which is why they can be included in tax costs in whole, without being limited by the so-called “mileage”. Long-term car rentals do not reduce the company’s creditworthiness, and the procedures are significantly easier than those in case of the leasing. Our offer of long-term car rentals also provides the service of car fleet management, which enables the company to focus on its own activity and plan its budget with no difficulty, reducing the administrative workload at the same time.

We guarantee a comprehensive service and assistance in selecting a car. We treat each client individually, and we adjust the contract to clients’ needs.

The car fleet service provides a great deal of client-tailored possibilities which, among others, include: 

- TPL/collision insurance/ Assistance 

- Technical service 

- Tyre exchange and storage 

- Substitute cars 

- GPS and fuel consumption control system 

- Comprehensive claims adjustment 

Long-term car rentals are becoming more and more popular in our country. 

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