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The market of long-term car rentals in the 1st half-year increased by 12.4%. Every fifth company car is now rented. Small enterprises are becoming more and more frequent clients of this sector, since they usually need one or several cars. The offer is also interesting for individual clients. And, in the opinion of representatives from this industry, this is the direction towards which the market will be developing.  More and more small clients, including those with only one car, are becoming interested in long-term car rentals. This type of car rental is entering the market of individual clients, as is the case in other countries. The French and German people stopped saying that cars cost 20 thousand euro a month, instead they say cars cost 300 euro a month – says Frederic Lustig, President of the Management Board of Carefleet, to Newseria Biznes information agency.

He highlights that this will be one of the development directions of the Polish long-term car rentals market, which – according to the latest data – is still growing dynamically. The report of the Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association indicates that the CFM (Car Fleet Management, long-term rental) in the 2nd quarter of this year increased by 12.4% over a year. At the end of June, the enterprises belonging to the PVRLA (comprising 80% of the market) had 134,635 cars altogether, which means that over a year their fleet grew by nearly 15 thousand vehicles. – This is quite significant progress – convinces Frederic Lustig. – One can say today that every fifth company car is rented. If we take into account all the cars which are financed, it is already every third vehicle that is rented, which shows that the industry is developing well.

The development of the market is determined by changing clients’ needs. Companies pay attention not only to the costs of rental, but also the associated services. – Clients are not willing to waste time, they look for comfort, convenience and efficient staff. The companies that take advantage of long-term car rentals want to have a phone number that they can call in case of any problems with cars, they do not want to worry about the sale of the car once its usage period finishes, they do not want to settle accounts for servicing or repairs in an insurance company. Clients prefer to have one partner that will take care of everything – claims Frederick Lustig. They also need to be informed of the way their fleet is used by their employees. This is why,  more and more CFM companies install GPS systems in cars, which continuously monitor mileage, route and fuel consumption. At the end of the 1st half-term the Carefleet base accounted to more than 12,100 cars. 10,300 cars out of that were under full long-term rental, and the rest – within the service of exclusive fleet management.



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